George Mason University Database Review (African American Periodicals: Voices of Black society and culture, 1825-1995)

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Overview: The African American Periodicals: Voices of Black society and culture, 1825-1995 database features “news, commentary, advertisements, literature, drawings and photographs” from African American society and culture in the United States, as described by their “How to use this database” page. This comes from the curation of “170 periodicals from 26 states” originating from collections at Harvard and the Wisconsin Historical Society. These are digitized texts that have been transcribed for user analysis.

History: This database is based on the work of award-winning historian James P. Danky (1947-Present) at the University of Wisconsin.

Info from Publisher:

Search: Search options include the following: simple and advanced searches with filters based on origin of publication, date ranges, location, “eras in American History,” presidential administrations, and a text explorer. The text explorer was designed as a three-step process: one searches for their topic, selects any relevant documents, and then the user can analyze these documents by frequency of words, people, phrases, and other things of that nature. Once the user has found their documents, they can export them through a built-in email service.

Citations: One can use the following citation styles on the site: MLA, APA, AGLC, ASA, CMS, Harvard, and Turabian. If the preferred citation style is not available on the cite, the user can export the citation information into a different service or tool to edit in order to fit their formatting needs.

Reviews: Based on available reviews, the database is held in high regard. The following is an example of one review out of a University of Oxford blog:

Access: It is accessible through universities that have opted-in/purchased access to the archives. It seems that it is a paid service for students and researchers through their respective universities.

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